Culi-Temp Corner: What’s the Go with Bottled H2O?

Bottled water is about to out-sell soft drinks on a global scale. Historically carbonated soft drinks have led global packaged drink consumption; however, according to the latest in market research 2016 is forecast to be the year in which we see packaged water overtake carbonated drinks in global sales. Global consumption of bottled water is forecast to reach over 233 billion litres in 2016, while carbonated drinks are expected to grow at a slower pace to around 225 billion litres.

Asia and Europe already have packaged water consumption levels above those of carbonated drinks, and this year East Europe is set to join Asia. At this point in time, forecasters are not sure in what time frame the USA will change their soft drink habits.

It is encouraging to see however, that India that has had a staggering 21% increase in bottled water consumption, followed by China with 12% and Brazil with an 8% increase. According to market research findings, China and India are predicted to account for around 50% of the world’s additional packaged water consumption in 2020, making up a total of 45 billion litres more than in 2015. With nearly one-third of the world’s population residing in these countries the impact is significant. Packaged water is often necessary in developing areas that are prone to natural disasters such as flooding, as in these situations water contamination and the spread of disease can be devastating.

Most of all, packaged water is a lucrative business and you may ask yourself: how is it possible that milk can be cheaper than water? But this is another story for another time, in the meantime enjoy the good tap water here in Sydney.


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Photo Credit: kreinick/iStock/Getty Images

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