Wild Mushroom Foraging in the Blue Mountains

On Sunday, 18 April, we went foraging for wild Saffron Milk Caps & Slippery Jacks in Hampton State Forest.

We first met for brekkie at the Victory Theatre Antique Centre & Cafe in Blackheath. An unexpected road closure made our convoy towards the forest that more exciting. We took a fire trail from the back end of the forest and after a few interesting turns, we finally made it to our destination. From here, we foraged for about 2 hours in the forest.

Unfortunately, our forage was not as plentiful as in previous years, but we found enough mushrooms for everyone to take home their bounty, and also serve a delicious lunch. Thank you to everyone who brought yummy desserts and chocolates for the group! A few of us finished off the day with a well deserved coffee or tea at The Gingerbread House Katoomba.


Thank you to everyone who braved the journey with us today. We hope you had a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Free Swiss BBQ at Bronte Beach

On Sunday, 8 March 2020, we organised a free Swiss BBQ at Bronte Park. We had another great turn out this year with around 40 people attending. This event gives young Swiss singles, couples and families living in Sydney a great opportunity to meet and greet in a relaxed setting.

The day started off with a drizzle in the morning, but thankfully the weather turned for the better by around midday, and so we enjoyed some sun in the early afternoon. We organised a lunch buffet and offered BBQ bratwurst, cervelat and fleischkäse with bread rolls, condiments and a fresh, crunchy salad.

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather and came along. We hope you had some great conversations and had a fantastic day! We hope to see you next time again



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