Swiss Team in the Touch World Cup 2015

The Swiss team (Swiss Touch Association) from Touch World Cup 2015 are planning to send a team(s) to Coffs Harbour in April 2015. They are unsure if they will have a full team due to the time and cost commitment involved in travelling from Switzerland. Therefore, they are investigating if there are any Australian-based players with a Swiss passport or have Swiss heritage that would be interested in playing in the Swiss team. Touch World Cup is quite competitive, so players would need to have played competitive touch football before.

Please contact Mike Elliott, from the Swiss team, for all enquiries: +41 798 318 294 |

More information from the Swiss Touch Association:

The Swiss Touch Association (STA) was formed in May 2006 as a national body to promote and develop the sport of Touch in Switzerland, and has already developed deep roots in the major centres. This is primarily done by creating structures to increase the exposure of the game and by facilitating competitive events across the country. The STA successfully launched Switzerland on the international Touch map by achieving F.I.T. membership in 2008. In 2003 Geezers, the first Swiss Touch-only club was formed.

Local Leagues

In 2011, the STA created and administered the first Swiss local league in Zurich. This provided regular light-competitive games to complement weekly social games and participation by Swiss clubs especially the Zurich Geezers in European Club tournament throughout the year.

Youth and Schools Development

One of the cornerstones and major goals of the STA is to promote and develop Touch in Swiss schools. This is essential for the long term growth and development of the sport within Switzerland. In 2010, BASPO/SVSS issued a 16 page booklet "Mobile Praxis-Beilage" on Touch to all Sports teachers in Switzerland. Since then, the STA has been involved in introducing touch to schools across Switzerland in direct coaching and through sessions for cantonal sport teachers associations . In June 2011 the STA helped with the participation of touch in the Swiss schools sports day (Schweizerschulsporttag) which was a great first step and much enjoyed by the participants.

The Swiss team from the STA

ETC 2012 Swiss MXO vs Ireland European Touch Championships

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